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Visualization tip: Make a MEMORY!

Visualization tip: Make a MEMORY!

Many LOA resources will tell you how you have to feel whatever it is that you DESIRE  right now, if you constantly see it as something you will have in the FUTURE most likely it will always remain in the FUTURE. That makes perfect sense to me however I never thought about how vision boards often look like a future board.

The trick when making a vision board is to make it feel real to you NOW, don’t make it so extreme that is looks like a board of “out there” ideas. That may be hard for you -to feel it now- so another technique is to make it feel PAST……like a MEMORY! You see, it makes sense that if you look at a vision board and it looks so unrelatable  that it could only be future desires then making something to look like you already achieved your desires puts you much more in the feeling state of already having your desires!!!!

If that doesn’t make sense hopefully this will, it’s a vision board technique using scrap booking!

What you can do is use the first half of your scrapbook to document what you have achieved already in life (ex. pic of you traveling,news article you were in, train ticket, wedding pics, your business card etc.) real memories or moments you have had that feel great to look back on!

The second part is to use the remaining half of your scrapbook to create what you desire to happen but scrapbook it just like you did the original events…..make it as though it’s a done deal, it’s been achieved.

Then when you open your scrapbook and read it from beginning to end you can get the emotions of reading the story of your life!

Memories are a GREAT way to evoke emotion and raise your vibration. Isn’t it neat how you can suddenly think of a hilarious moment and before you realize it you are smiling or laughing out loud? Or you may have a memory so heart warming that when you picture it in your mind it brings tears of joy to your eyes! THAT IS POWERFUL…..MEMORIES ARE POWERFUL! 

I am going to give this a shot, I love scrap booking and I love vision boards but have never before thought to combine the two!

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What do you REALLY want? tough question sometimes!

For many (including myself) it’s the HARDEST question and also the most important answer you must have when using the Law of Attraction!

What do you REALLY want?

Hmmmm maybe you just have a general idea, or you sort of like something and think you are attracted to it, which is great but that’s just the start 😉

If you have studied LOA you will see and hear over and over again about how you MUST GET CLEAR about what you want, you must have a detailed vision! 

I heard a great tip today about one exercise you can practice to help figure out your answer to this question!

Watch yourself in a movie, no you don’t have to get a film crew, you don’t even need a camera! Like with many practices using the LOA all you need is your MIND! 

There are different ways to use visualization-you have to find what you are most comfortable with for it to be most effective in your life! One way is to see yourself outside of your body, like being a 3rd party watching yourself.

This exercise is to visualize yourself in a “movie” of your life! How do you look? Where do you live? What do you do? What are your top values? How do you interact with others?

The key is to create  different scenarios and the things you feel most comfortable seeing are the things you truly want in life!

An example might be that you see yourself living on a gorgeous boat, your days are spent with beautiful blue waves for as far as your eyes can see, you have the calming sounds of water all around you each day and all of the privacy you love, your boat has every amenity imaginable to give you comfort. As you see yourself on this boat relaxed, being secluded with maybe your significant other, living your day-to-day in the water and that might feel really good!


Let’s say you then visualize yourself living in a gated community in Orange county, you see yourself driving through your street waving to neighbors, passing beautiful homes with pristine curb appeal and finally feeling so much pride as you pull to the center of your circle driveway and walk into a house full of your children excited to greet you. You spend your day splashing in the pool with the people you love and end the night having dinner on the patio under the stars…..and maybe to you this visualization felt GREAT!

So now between these two scenarios you learned that you prefered a home you could be proud of and having children.

The beauty of this is that you have unlimited TAKES, you can change the scenario whenever you want and eventually you will have worked out so many combinations that you finally have a clear vision of what feels BEST to you.


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The Conscious and Subconscious mind


Today I watched /listened to a video about the Conscious and Subconscious Mind and how both are very important in our progress with the Law of Attraction- I had to share the example they were talking about because it makes it so much easier to understand the import roles they play!

So first off just a quick reminder of the basics:

The Conscious Mind- Is the problem solver, decision maker

The Subconscious Mind- Runs like auto pilot, controlled by habits & routines.

A perfect example is driving a car to get to the same destination day after day. In the beginning your conscious mind is what you used to start the car, merge onto the specific hwy, exit at the correct location, turn left at your work building’s parking garage…….you get the idea, at first you had to consciously think to make the correct turns. After that becomes routine your subconscious mind takes over and gets you from point A to point B, you may even forget that you were driving there because it’s second nature yet you still arrive each day.

Think about the role your conscious mind plays in the LOA. You set aside time to study it, you might have a certain schedule you use such as (ex from The Secret book) holding your gratitude stone and saying what you are grateful for each night before you go to bed and then again each morning.

The role your Subconscious mind plays once you have consciously set these habits is to become parallel with your desires to continually send out the same message.

In other words if you are only using your Conscious mind with the LOA that would mean you are taking time out to (for example) write in your gratitude journal but then the minute you close that you are back to everyday life which may include struggle, complaining,negativity…..

In short, your goal would be to take your practices with the LOA using your conscious mind SO MUCH that is becomes a routine in your subconscious mind that way you are in line with your desires.

That was a bit harder to write out then I thought so I am going to sum up the entire post in one easy sentence:

Use your conscious efforts often so they become routines, in turn your subconscious will be continue the efforts without trying.

Think of how much of a difference it would make to subconsciously always have your mind thinking positive, feeling abundance and reaching toward goals vs. only using your conscious mind for the 10 mins. you are writing in your journal. WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

Not perfect, but hopefully understandable!


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Book Review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction


Book Theme: An easy way to understand the ins and outs of the LOA, think of it like a college cram session except in a positive way!

What Stands Out: The complete Idiot’s style format makes it all so simple also there are side notes, reminders, inspirational quotes and stories of success in each chapter.

Best for LOA beginners or Advanced: Best for beginners-it’s a crash course but I am not a beginner at all and I would still read it again since it’s easy but packed page to page with all of the info needed!

Learn Anything New: I learned some new trouble shooting techniques, so often LOA books don’t cover the common problems people face when starting (for good reason since you shouldn’t focus at all on it NOT working) but the truth is from the moment you take in these new concepts you are more than likely going to be working to break down years of conditioning from adulthood such as-you have to have a certain job, your income only comes from one source etc.

Would you Recommend: This book I would probably recommend before any other I have read (which is 20+ lost count) the concepts aren’t hard to accept from this writer, everything is very relatable and organized in order that  is most effective!


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Vision Boards!

I could talk about vision boards forever partly because they are so personal and partly because they ignite RESULTS! Sometimes the words Vision board can be intimidating-you might think oh geez I have to make a board of exact details and hide it in my closet so nobody sees lol suit yourself a vision board can be as simple or detailed as you would like but I don’t recommend hiding it 🙂  For me a vision board is a road map…..I have two giant FRAMED vision boards in my office right now one is for fitness and one is for personal/business goals, I also have a mini vision board on  my vanity where I get ready each morning and my background on my computer is a vision board.


When I really realized the power of vision boards is while getting “ideas” for our wedding. I couldn’t clearly “see” what I wanted, I was so confused and had no focus so finally I made a vision board by simply collecting pictures and words that made me feel good in regards to wedding ideas, before I knew it our wedding was over and I came home to my little vision board and realized how insanely identical my wedding was to this little board I made…..tropical flower bouquet, all inclusive resort, mermaid dress, wedding trasher pics, barefoot in the sand, exotic feel, two tier white cake with cascading flowers, champagne toast,breakfast in bed the next morning.

I truthfully hadn’t even spent time focused on the board but that’s the beauty of a vision board. You don’t have to sit and focus on it for hours it’s almost like by glancing at it from time to time or having it somewhere you will see every day eventually ingrains it into your mind which leads to inspired action and end results!

As I said I was shocked AFTER the wedding when I realized all of this had manifested for me without effort. One of my favorite vision board stories is of John Assaraf which you may have already seen in the movie The Secret. Here is a link to sum it up if not:

A vision board is unique to YOU- you may respond best to WORDS or PICTURES or your own art work but one tool I have used a lot that I LOVE is the oprah dream board tool, you can create boards using the words and images they have or upload your own. After making a board you can save it as your desktop background image so it’s in front of you every time you are at the computer!


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Book Review: Law of Attraction Handbook

Law of Attraction Handbook By Aiman A. Al-Maimani


Book Theme: A quick reference for the Law of Attraction.

What Stands Out:That it is small and simple. It’s a quick easy read as it is called a “handbook” that is exactly what it is.

Best for LOA Beginner or Advanced: In my opinion this would be more for a beginner or someone who likes a spot to skim through as a reminder every once in a while.

Learn Anything New: Because I did not read this as a beginner I did not learn anything new however if it had been one of the first books on this topic that I read I would have learned more.

Would You Recommend: To a beginner I would. I would also recommend the audio book because just like the book it’s quick, to the point and easy so that is something I have listened to on car rides.


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Book Review: The Secret

The Secret By Rhonda Byrne


Book Theme: An introduction to the Law of Attraction and how to benefit from it.

What Stands Out: It is one of the most popular books on LOA in the media, it has had world wide recognition and also includes quotes and stories from well known successful figures that many people recognize.

Best for LOA Beginner or Advanced: I am going to say this is best for a beginner. It was the very first book I have ever read on the topic and prior to this book I knew NOTHING about “The Secret” so it is an easy read and quick introduction to the most basic principles needed in understanding the law.

Learn Anything New: Everything I learned in the book was at the time new to me, although when you are reading it you will most likely have those “aha” moments when realizing examples in your own life where this law was proven true.

Would You Recommend: I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Regardless of your beliefs this book is a positive read and can inspire anyone.


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