The Conscious and Subconscious mind

24 Jan


Today I watched /listened to a video about the Conscious and Subconscious Mind and how both are very important in our progress with the Law of Attraction- I had to share the example they were talking about because it makes it so much easier to understand the import roles they play!

So first off just a quick reminder of the basics:

The Conscious Mind- Is the problem solver, decision maker

The Subconscious Mind- Runs like auto pilot, controlled by habits & routines.

A perfect example is driving a car to get to the same destination day after day. In the beginning your conscious mind is what you used to start the car, merge onto the specific hwy, exit at the correct location, turn left at your work building’s parking garage…….you get the idea, at first you had to consciously think to make the correct turns. After that becomes routine your subconscious mind takes over and gets you from point A to point B, you may even forget that you were driving there because it’s second nature yet you still arrive each day.

Think about the role your conscious mind plays in the LOA. You set aside time to study it, you might have a certain schedule you use such as (ex from The Secret book) holding your gratitude stone and saying what you are grateful for each night before you go to bed and then again each morning.

The role your Subconscious mind plays once you have consciously set these habits is to become parallel with your desires to continually send out the same message.

In other words if you are only using your Conscious mind with the LOA that would mean you are taking time out to (for example) write in your gratitude journal but then the minute you close that you are back to everyday life which may include struggle, complaining,negativity…..

In short, your goal would be to take your practices with the LOA using your conscious mind SO MUCH that is becomes a routine in your subconscious mind that way you are in line with your desires.

That was a bit harder to write out then I thought so I am going to sum up the entire post in one easy sentence:

Use your conscious efforts often so they become routines, in turn your subconscious will be continue the efforts without trying.

Think of how much of a difference it would make to subconsciously always have your mind thinking positive, feeling abundance and reaching toward goals vs. only using your conscious mind for the 10 mins. you are writing in your journal. WORLD OF DIFFERENCE!

Not perfect, but hopefully understandable!


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