About Prosperity Travels & Myself


Prosperity Direct Travels is a personal Interests and business blog, it began with a business concept of helping others start blogging to earn income from home being linked to a company that was already established however it is now evolving into the area of travel. PDT will soon be recognized through Travel Planners International and we will be able to provide excellent travel services! Though we are in transition currently I will continue to keep blogging because I have found many others with similar interests through blogs!

About Me

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  My name is Angie I am a 27 year old newlywed & new entrepreneur learning the ropes while creating the life of my dreams. I am very girly in that I love baking, cooking, crafting, fitness, fashion and let’s not forget hair & make up! I am a firm believer in the Law of Attraction and am constantly getting and sharing as much info as I can on it.

tyrone (193)My Husband Eric is my best friend, we were married July 21, 2012. We share so many of the same interests including our new found love for travel. Eric is the most positive person I have ever known so to be able to say that he is my other half is such an honor! Together we are building our business, reaching travel goals and eventually growing our family. 

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