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To Trash or Not to Trash?

I can’t remember the first time I heard of the term “trash the dress” all I know is that it stuck with me! I remember thinking how neat it is that the pictures are not traditional.


Funny short story…..We were in line at the airport in STL and an older couple in front of us asked where we were headed, we told them Ocho Rios, Jamaica to get married. The couple went on for a few minutes about how beautiful Ocho Rios is and how neat beach weddings are then suddenly in the most judgemental tone the woman said “Oh please tell me you aren’t going to do those ruin your dress pictures??” LOL we told her yes actually we did want to do that…AWKWARD SILENCE broken by me telling her that I didn’t pay much for my dress to trash, she seemed a little bit better after that 😉 but the moral of the story is no matter what type of pictures you get make sure it’s what YOU want because you can’t please everybody! 

I purchased two dresses one for the wedding and one to “trash” which worked out perfect for me because I got to have two different looks. What I did was try on dresses at a few bridal shops to get an Idea of the style I wanted then I ordered the dresses on EBAY! so scary but the turned out great and the quality was amazing, you would have never been able to tell the difference between my dresses and the ones in the expensive boutiques a few advantages I saw to ordering on EBAY was the selection (pretty much limitless), The fact that you order it custom to your own measurements and the PRICE. 

My Tips When Trashing:

  • Wear costume Jewelry or non sentimental items that can be replaced. I did wear my real wedding ring however I had to be very cautious because you are going to be moving a lot!
  • Trash a dress that you don’t have to worry about even if that means getting a replica of the dress you wore on your wedding day- if you are worried about your dress while you are trashing it those expressions will show up in the pictures!
  • Do it on a different day than your wedding day! There will be so much happening on your wedding day it is much easier to let loose and trash on a different day-we chose two days after our wedding and there were no worries!
  • Try a different location than your wedding if you were married on the beach. We took a boat to James Bond Island so it was a different environment which had a natural waterfall!
  • Choose a dress you can MOVE in, my dress had a slit up the thigh which made it super easy to climb with ha ha! Don’t have a dress that is completely binding.
  • Be careful! Trashing the dress can actually be dangerous- I was lucky to have a great photographer and husband helping me up and down the slippery rocks but Eric an I both left with scratches and bruises!
  • Use props if possible! My favorite pic is one that happened AFTER the whole shoot-we got back to the resort and the photographer suggested sticking some life jackets on us just for fun, it turned out neat and even less traditional than the others.
  • Have FUN! Eric and I probably didn’t stop laughing the entire shoot because let’s face it…..getting dressed up and then running through sand and water is not something you do everyday!









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“Weddingmoon” = Wedding + Honeymoon!

July 21st, 2012

July 21st, 2012

After our engagement Eric and I were guilty of dragging our feet with starting any plans for an actual wedding, although we really wanted to be married the thought of so much time, energy, and money going into one day that would mean the same to us regardless of what or where it was just didn’t sit right with either of us! We tossed around the decision of what state the wedding would be in since half of the family lives in Missouri while the other half lives in Ohio. We thought about what type of food & music we would like, what season would be best, indoor or outdoor, a guest list but still neither of us could see a clear picture of what we wanted so before we knew it we were talking about a drive thru window in Vegas or heading to the local courthouse. Somewhere in that mix of uncertainty we started researching destination weddings. It really seemed to be the middle ground for us. We chose Ocho Rios Jamaica for our destination and from the countless emails back and forth plus the simple choose your package format we felt great with The wedding planners and staff at The Jewel Dunn’s River!

My husband to be right before the ceremony

My husband to be right before the ceremony

My Dad and I
My Dad and Ityrone (40)


Receptiontyrone (193)tyrone (118)tyrone (205)

A few other neat Details the Resort provided…

jamaica 2012 097

Breakfast in bed the morning after your wedding

Breakfast in bed the morning after your wedding

The floral arrangements from the wedding delivered to the room so you can enjoy them longer!
The floral arrangements from the wedding delivered to the room so you can enjoy them longer!

A Special Dinner with personalized menus!
A Special Dinner with personalized menus!

Dinner for Two
Dinner for Two

LOVE this!

For us this was the right decision! I love answering questions about our experience with the destination wedding!

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