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Mentors are EVERYWHERE

Once you learn that Mentors come in all shapes and forms you will begin to see them EVERYWHERE you look and in every lesson you learn! 

Before knowing the true meaning of mentor(ing) I had this stereotype ingrained in my mind, it was a business person, older, more mature, polished, in a suit and this person was very successful throughout their lifetime. If you paid them the right rate they would spend a little bit of time with you telling you about their life and if you were lucky you might be able to replicate some of the stories into your own success.

I AM SO THRILLED I WAS WRONG ABOUT THAT! ( I don’t want to mimic someone else, I have my own ideas and so do you!) 

So what is a mentor really? Anything that teaches you or guides you! It can be something as simple as a book you read or a picture you saw. If you think about it some of the best mentors are actually not “matured” people at all but the exact opposite, and by that I mean CHILDREN! Children can teach you so many things like how a picture can be just as beautiful and in fact more colorful by scribbling outside of the lines, or that a box can be reused into something wonderful.

Other examples of Mentors:

  • Pets
  • A life change
  • A story
  • An encounter at the store
  • A TV show
  • A goal

Those are just examples showing that there isn’t one kind, but your mentors are personal to YOU!

When you are open to the lessons showing up in your life day after day you will suddenly be surrounded by mentors…..they are EVERYWHERE!


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Book Review: Reinventing Yourself

Reinventing Yourself

Steve Chandler

Book Theme: Take Action now, stop the excuses, stop the “story” we all tell ourselves, stop being weaker than you really are.

What Stands Out: The author has such a genuine yet realistic approach on exactly how to help others. There isn’t sugar coating, beating around the bush or pages filled with opportunity for your personal interpretation…he spells it out crystal clear.

Best for LOA Beginners or Advanced: Best for ANYONE! I personally struggle with the take action part of the LOA, I’ve studied LOA for years and made big changes however I still pull back a bit when it comes to taking that leap into action. So for me who is not a beginner in LOA it is still very helpful.

Learn Anything New: It’s funny because once you read it you will grasp that you already DEEP DEEP down knew some of these concepts. Some of them you carried as a child constantly reinventing yourself but then as you grow older and get more mainstream you lose so much of what you once had. Also, it really makes you look at life and decide if you are a victim or an owner, and the answer might surprise you!

Would You Recommend: I highly recommend this book, it’s a quick read split into 46 tiny chapters of constant lessons. There isn’t fluff, the author is creative, relatable, witty,and even a little shocking which all combines to become a true self help book.

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Half Review: Reinventing Yourself

I have just started reading this book and will do a full review once I’m done but I just wanted to say a few things about the book that I’ve already enjoyed!

My library consists of 99% self help/motivational books with my primary subject always being the law of attraction. I’ve noticed that sometimes I pass up on books because if they aren’t in line with LOA I feel like I am working against myself in a sense.

I started reading this book because of the title “Reinventing Yourself” I love the idea that you can change the things you don’t like or super charge the things you LOVE about your life. Looking back as many of us do I noticed about 2 major times I reinvented myself and changed the path of my life and I have zero regrets so it led me to thinking if life is so short why on earth would I only “Reinvent” myself twice so far?! I could be making these positive changes daily!

This book so far is teaching me to move out of my comfort zone a bit which will expand my opportunities. This is the first time I have heard “Your comfort zone is a place to rest, not to live” 

The author shares great stories both personal and famous to give examples of what he is writing.

Review to be continued….


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Book Review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction


Book Theme: An easy way to understand the ins and outs of the LOA, think of it like a college cram session except in a positive way!

What Stands Out: The complete Idiot’s style format makes it all so simple also there are side notes, reminders, inspirational quotes and stories of success in each chapter.

Best for LOA beginners or Advanced: Best for beginners-it’s a crash course but I am not a beginner at all and I would still read it again since it’s easy but packed page to page with all of the info needed!

Learn Anything New: I learned some new trouble shooting techniques, so often LOA books don’t cover the common problems people face when starting (for good reason since you shouldn’t focus at all on it NOT working) but the truth is from the moment you take in these new concepts you are more than likely going to be working to break down years of conditioning from adulthood such as-you have to have a certain job, your income only comes from one source etc.

Would you Recommend: This book I would probably recommend before any other I have read (which is 20+ lost count) the concepts aren’t hard to accept from this writer, everything is very relatable and organized in order that  is most effective!


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Book Review: Law of Attraction Handbook

Law of Attraction Handbook By Aiman A. Al-Maimani


Book Theme: A quick reference for the Law of Attraction.

What Stands Out:That it is small and simple. It’s a quick easy read as it is called a “handbook” that is exactly what it is.

Best for LOA Beginner or Advanced: In my opinion this would be more for a beginner or someone who likes a spot to skim through as a reminder every once in a while.

Learn Anything New: Because I did not read this as a beginner I did not learn anything new however if it had been one of the first books on this topic that I read I would have learned more.

Would You Recommend: To a beginner I would. I would also recommend the audio book because just like the book it’s quick, to the point and easy so that is something I have listened to on car rides.


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Book Review: The Secret

The Secret By Rhonda Byrne


Book Theme: An introduction to the Law of Attraction and how to benefit from it.

What Stands Out: It is one of the most popular books on LOA in the media, it has had world wide recognition and also includes quotes and stories from well known successful figures that many people recognize.

Best for LOA Beginner or Advanced: I am going to say this is best for a beginner. It was the very first book I have ever read on the topic and prior to this book I knew NOTHING about “The Secret” so it is an easy read and quick introduction to the most basic principles needed in understanding the law.

Learn Anything New: Everything I learned in the book was at the time new to me, although when you are reading it you will most likely have those “aha” moments when realizing examples in your own life where this law was proven true.

Would You Recommend: I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Regardless of your beliefs this book is a positive read and can inspire anyone.


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Book Review: Becoming Cinderella

Becoming Cinderella A single Mother’s Journey From Tatters to Triumph By Cheryl Steinberg


Book Theme: This book is the personal story of the authors life and journey from “Tatters to Triumph” incorporating the Law of Attraction.

What stands out: Anyone who has studies LOA for an extended period knows it’s not too often that you read a book that is simply about someone’s life using the LOA and their own personal successes. Often the books include excerpts from people who have had success followed by an outline of what they did but this is just a book to enjoy about someone else’s journey and that stands out to me.

Best for LOA Beginner or Advanced: I feel it is best for either/or and I say that because it’s not a typical book filled with instructions or new ideas but it is a person book about her life so it can really be inspirational whether you know little about the LOA or have already manifested amazing things using it.

Learn Anything New: As far as the LOA goes no I did not learn anything new (and I don’t actually think that is the goal of the author) but as far as learning about someone else I absolutely learned new things. I learned about Cheryl Steinberg and Joel (her “prince charming”) in her version of a real life cinderella story.

Would You Recommend: I would recommend this book to a more specific person, someone who isn’t ONLY interested in learning the LOA in their own life but enjoys reading about others and taking in something new. Also, because the first part of the book is about birth and motherhood it may appeal a bit more toward a female audience although if you can get past something you may not be able to directly relate to then it’s an easy read for anyone. This is the only book I have ever read in a single day 304 pages I couldn’t put down.


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