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LOA and travel-bags are packed!

Right now my husband and I are packing to head to a destination we have both wanted to see since we’ve been married (7 months!)  We set this goal on our honeymoon to try to go to this spot within our first year of marriage but with being newlyweds and starting a business it honestly SEEMED out of reach for us!

We talked about it a few times but thought maybe next year would be better timing. Finally we set a tentative date of going which would be on or right after my husbands 28th birthday. I really believe setting the date was exactly what we needed to get the trip in motion!

We researched resorts months in advance, checked the weather of our destination regularly, read tons of reviews on trip advisor, scrolled through visitors pictures and all of this “research” kept us in the mentality that we were going to experience this and book it. We still didn’t book it for various reasons but regardless looking at pictures and hearing stories about the area kept us in the state of “feeling” the trip was real and was going to happen. That truly is the key isn’t it? Even if you don’t manifest “quickly” it feel SO good to surround yourself as much as possible with your desire! 

Well the months came and went and there was no trip booked, then last week we decided it’s not too late, everything suddenly lined up and we booked it literally at the last possible moment. We leave in a few short days to go to……..

I will have some posts of our trip up in a few weeks but I really wanted to share how LOA played a major roll in this opportunity. It was about deciding, making it absolute clear in our minds (by setting the date and researching details we didn’t previously know) and finally taking inspired action when the opportunity  presented itself! 

In our case the opportunity presented itself very close to our goal date so we could have found reasons not to take action such as “Well it’s really late to plan a trip like this last minute let’s just wait until next year so we can have it booked months in advance” Those types of limiting thoughts are what keep our LIVES limited! If we wait for the perfect timing to take a swing…think of how many potential hits we could miss! 

Also, If you can set your goal with someone else if it involves them they do that, my husband was finding details about the trip that I missed and vice versa, together we were able to talk about “when we get there” 

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Visualization tip: Make a MEMORY!

Visualization tip: Make a MEMORY!

Many LOA resources will tell you how you have to feel whatever it is that you DESIRE  right now, if you constantly see it as something you will have in the FUTURE most likely it will always remain in the FUTURE. That makes perfect sense to me however I never thought about how vision boards often look like a future board.

The trick when making a vision board is to make it feel real to you NOW, don’t make it so extreme that is looks like a board of “out there” ideas. That may be hard for you -to feel it now- so another technique is to make it feel PAST……like a MEMORY! You see, it makes sense that if you look at a vision board and it looks so unrelatable  that it could only be future desires then making something to look like you already achieved your desires puts you much more in the feeling state of already having your desires!!!!

If that doesn’t make sense hopefully this will, it’s a vision board technique using scrap booking!

What you can do is use the first half of your scrapbook to document what you have achieved already in life (ex. pic of you traveling,news article you were in, train ticket, wedding pics, your business card etc.) real memories or moments you have had that feel great to look back on!

The second part is to use the remaining half of your scrapbook to create what you desire to happen but scrapbook it just like you did the original events…..make it as though it’s a done deal, it’s been achieved.

Then when you open your scrapbook and read it from beginning to end you can get the emotions of reading the story of your life!

Memories are a GREAT way to evoke emotion and raise your vibration. Isn’t it neat how you can suddenly think of a hilarious moment and before you realize it you are smiling or laughing out loud? Or you may have a memory so heart warming that when you picture it in your mind it brings tears of joy to your eyes! THAT IS POWERFUL…..MEMORIES ARE POWERFUL! 

I am going to give this a shot, I love scrap booking and I love vision boards but have never before thought to combine the two!

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Book Review: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The Law of Attraction


Book Theme: An easy way to understand the ins and outs of the LOA, think of it like a college cram session except in a positive way!

What Stands Out: The complete Idiot’s style format makes it all so simple also there are side notes, reminders, inspirational quotes and stories of success in each chapter.

Best for LOA beginners or Advanced: Best for beginners-it’s a crash course but I am not a beginner at all and I would still read it again since it’s easy but packed page to page with all of the info needed!

Learn Anything New: I learned some new trouble shooting techniques, so often LOA books don’t cover the common problems people face when starting (for good reason since you shouldn’t focus at all on it NOT working) but the truth is from the moment you take in these new concepts you are more than likely going to be working to break down years of conditioning from adulthood such as-you have to have a certain job, your income only comes from one source etc.

Would you Recommend: This book I would probably recommend before any other I have read (which is 20+ lost count) the concepts aren’t hard to accept from this writer, everything is very relatable and organized in order that  is most effective!


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Book Review: The Secret

The Secret By Rhonda Byrne


Book Theme: An introduction to the Law of Attraction and how to benefit from it.

What Stands Out: It is one of the most popular books on LOA in the media, it has had world wide recognition and also includes quotes and stories from well known successful figures that many people recognize.

Best for LOA Beginner or Advanced: I am going to say this is best for a beginner. It was the very first book I have ever read on the topic and prior to this book I knew NOTHING about “The Secret” so it is an easy read and quick introduction to the most basic principles needed in understanding the law.

Learn Anything New: Everything I learned in the book was at the time new to me, although when you are reading it you will most likely have those “aha” moments when realizing examples in your own life where this law was proven true.

Would You Recommend: I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Regardless of your beliefs this book is a positive read and can inspire anyone.


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What is LOA????

LOA= Law of Attraction

Sometimes it’s easier to understand what LOA is NOT before getting into what it is, What I quickly learned LOA is NOT:

  • A religion
  • A Cult
  • Magic
  • Witch Craft
  • New Age beliefs

A simple way to understand what LOA is -this is a simple list off the top of my head it is not limited to this: 

  • A scientific law which is proven just as the law of gravity is
  • It states that Like attract Like
  • All about positivity -thoughts,actions,affirmations
  • It can help you achieve more of what you want in any area of your life
  • It’s constantly in action
  • mind of matter control

The book that started my interest in LOA is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne 


The book is a very simple read seperated into 10 topics which range from briefing you on the history of LOA to How to use the “secret” in each area of your life.

I am also a fan of the DVD following this book but I am happy that I read the book prior to watching the DVD because the DVD has a more comical vibe when explaining the LOA and if you have no background info on the topic it can be a little cooky to follow!


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